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President's Column: Improving Michigan's abysmal recycling rate

Sometimes it feels like Michigan is stuck in the 1970s, especially when it comes to environmental and conservation issues. One glaring example is recycling. Michigan had one of the first and best bottle deposit laws, and one of the first curbside recycling programs in the country. Since then, some communities have invested in recycling, but not enough. Most of the nation has passed us by.
View ArticleDec 10, 2013  •  Fall 2013 - Michigan Environmental Report

It shouldn't take a cardiac arrest!

I do not recommend life-threatening cardiac arrest as a way to increase awareness of public transportation’s value. But, it worked for me! Perhaps I should explain.
View ArticleDec 10, 2013  •  Fall 2013 - Michigan Environmental Report
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Victory: State Senate committee rejects proposal to dump yard clippings in Michigan landfills

Legislation allowing compostable yard materials to be dumped in landfills—a bill fought at every turn by MEC and our allies in the compost industry—was rejected by a Michigan Senate committee in a Nov. 7 vote. SB 314 would have opened the floodgates for more out-of-state waste and dealt a crippling blow to jobs in the state’s burgeoning compost industry.
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