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Stewardship Network

Contact Information
Lisa Brush
416 Longshore Drive
Ann Arbor, MI48105
P (734) 996-3190
F (734) 996-9955

Our Mission
The Stewardship Network is a 501(c)(3) corporation with a mission to increase capacity to care for natural lands and waters. We are dedicated to training, developing, & supporting a vibrant group of volunteer & professional stewardship leaders. We build the capacity of partner organizations & individuals through development of model projects & implementation of region-wide initiatives. We help groups & individuals tap into the Network’s wealth of knowledge & experience in preserving biodiversity.

The Stewardship Network utilizes three core strategies to accomplish our mission:
  1. Provide science-based, field-proven information, techniques, and trainin.
  2. Foster grassroots education, networking, and collaboration.
  3. Utilize technology-based solutions and platforms to educate, connect, and serve.
The Stewardship Network works with hundreds of groups large and small, public and private.

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