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Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Contact Information
Sister Sue Sattler
610 West Elm Ave.
Monroe, MI48162
P (734) 240-9700

Our Mission
Urged by the love of God, we choose to work with others to build a culture of peace and right relationship among ourselves, with the Church and with the whole Earth community.

The IHM community envisions and is committed to bringing about the dream of God on planet Earth through respect for, nurturing of and promoting the liberation and well-being of all persons and all of nature as God's good creation.

We, the IHM Sisters of Monroe, are Catholic women bound together in faith. We follow a call rooted in our founders' mission - to respond to the world's most pressing needs. As the needs of the times change, so we adapt our ministries.

Today's challenge is unprecedented in scope. Human progress has come at the expense of the entire community of creation.

The cry of our times compels us to embrace a spirituality of kinship that includes all living beings. We recognize the interdependent nature of all members of the Earth community and understand that justice for the Earth is inseparable from justice for those who are poor and excluded.

We serve God as disciples of Jesus. We work for the common good. We question decisions and behaviors that devastate and divide the community of Earth. We minister as educators and caretakers of the Earth and of one another.

Today we are called to speak for the voiceless, to celebrate the diversity within our unity and to educate for citizenship on our planet.

September 7, 2007
Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Monroe, Michigan

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