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Michigan Interfaith Power and Light

Contact Information
Bob Chapman
15900 W. 10 Mile Rd., Ste. 206
Southfield, MI48075
P 248-537-9175

Our Mission
To support Michigan faith communities in becoming better stewards of the earth by promoting and implementing energy efficiency, renewable energy, and related sustainable practices through education, advocacy, and action.

Michigan IPL is a coalition of faith communities across the state. Historically, grassroots efforts originating in churches helped abolish slavery, win women’s suffrage, and lead the Civil Rights movement. Today, Michigan IPL works statewide to gather and focus the immense grassroots power within Michigan’s faith communities to help them become leaders in the effort to minimize humankind’s negative impact on the environment.

Michigan IPL has two primary goals:

Foster and create an educated faith constituency that’s committed to proactive solutions to decreasing harmful coal plant emissions through energy efficiency & renewable technologies. These solutions will decrease air pollution and improve public health. Additionally, as Houses of Worship become more energy efficient and spend less on energy bills, those funds can be re-allocated to support critical community services like food pantries, job placement assistance, homeless shelters, and childcare.

Convince public officials, businesses, and utilities to significantly reduce energy demand and move Michigan to a cleaner, more efficient energy system. Michigan needs to replace its antiquated energy system dependent on fossil fuels with a modern, sustainable system that focuses on energy efficiency as well as clean energy sources like wind, solar, biomass, and hydropower. Reducing our reliance on costly, imported fossil fuels will also help grow Michigan’s economy; the construction and installation of efficient and clean energy technologies will create new jobs throughout the state.

Michigan IPL is part of the national IPL and was the fourth state to join. There are currently 43 state affiliates across the country.

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